Kenton-on-Sea Beaches: A Seaside Gem Explored

Did you know that Kenton-on-Sea has been voted the best beaches in South Africa? This stunning coastal village along the Sunshine Coast is a hidden treasure waiting to be explored. With its two blue flag beaches and two pristine tidal rivers, Kenton-on-Sea offers a picturesque holiday destination with a range of beach and river activities for visitors to enjoy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kenton-on-Sea has been voted the best beaches in South Africa.
  • The village boasts two blue flag beaches and two pristine tidal rivers.
  • Kenton-on-Sea offers a range of beach and river activities for visitors.
  • The beaches are known for their scenic beauty and diverse landscapes.
  • Kenton-on-Sea is a paradise for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Exploring Kenton-on-Sea Beaches

Kenton-on-Sea, located along the Sunshine Coast, offers a variety of experiences for beachgoers. From family-friendly spots to hidden treasures, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Let’s explore some of the top beaches in Kenton-on-Sea:

Kariega Main Beach

If you’re visiting with your family, Kariega Main Beach is a must-visit. This popular spot provides access to both the ocean and the river, offering a range of activities for everyone. Kids will love exploring the rock pools, while adults can take in the beauty of the rock formations, including the famous Mermaid’s Pool. Take a refreshing swim in the crystal-clear waters and relax on the golden sands.

Shelley Bay

For a more adventurous beach experience, make your way to Shelley Bay. Accessible through a scenic hike, this hidden treasure offers breathtaking views and a tranquil turquoise bay. Spend time exploring the rocky coastline, immersing yourself in the untouched beauty of the area. Shelley Bay is perfect for those seeking a peaceful and picturesque beach getaway.

Bushman’s River Mouth

Located at the mouth of the Bushman’s River, this beach showcases the natural beauty of Kenton-on-Sea. Pristine sandy shores stretch on either side of the river, providing plenty of space for beach activities. It’s an ideal spot to soak up the sun, enjoy a beach picnic, or simply take a peaceful stroll along the shoreline. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness stunning sunsets over the Indian Ocean.

  • Visit Kariega Main Beach for a family-friendly experience
  • Embark on a scenic hike to discover Shelley Bay
  • Relax and take in the beauty of Bushman’s River Mouth

“The beaches of Kenton-on-Sea offer a diverse range of experiences, from family-friendly fun to hidden gems. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.” – Local beachgoer

Kenton-on-Sea Beaches

Accommodation Options

When visiting Kenton-on-Sea, you’ll find a variety of accommodation options to suit your needs. From luxury resorts to cozy seaside cottages, there’s something for every traveler. Stay in a beachfront hotel and wake up to stunning ocean views, or opt for a charming cottage nestled in the heart of the village. No matter your preference, Kenton-on-Sea ensures a comfortable and memorable stay.

Accommodation Type Description
Luxury Resorts Experience the ultimate in comfort and luxury with a stay at one of Kenton-on-Sea’s upscale resorts. Enjoy top-notch amenities, stunning views, and personalized service.
Seaside Cottages Immerse yourself in the cozy charm of Kenton-on-Sea with a stay in a seaside cottage. These quaint accommodations offer a home-away-from-home experience.
Beachfront Hotels Wake up to breathtaking ocean views when you choose to stay in a beachfront hotel. Enjoy direct access to the beach and make the most of your seaside getaway.

Wildlife Encounters and Excursions

In addition to its stunning beaches, Kenton-on-Sea offers a wealth of opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers. Whether you’re a nature lover or a wildlife enthusiast, the region’s diverse wildlife will leave you in awe. Here are some must-visit attractions and activities for wildlife encounters and thrilling excursions in Kenton-on-Sea:

Sibuya Game Reserve

Embark on a thrilling adventure at the Sibuya Game Reserve, located near Kenton-on-Sea. The reserve offers daily cruises up the picturesque Kariega River, providing a unique opportunity to explore the area’s abundant wildlife. Experience the beauty of the river and observe various animal species during a boat trip. Then, hop on a safari vehicle for an exhilarating game drive, accompanied by knowledgeable guides who will share fascinating insights about the animals and their natural habitats. Finally, enjoy a delightful dining experience on the tranquil riverbanks, surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

Addo Elephant National Park

For a change of scenery, embark on a road trip to the renowned Addo Elephant National Park. This iconic park is home to a vast population of elephants, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable elephant safari. Hop into a safari vehicle and traverse the park in search of these majestic creatures. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for other wildlife species, such as lions, zebras, and buffaloes. Addo Elephant National Park offers a truly immersive wildlife experience that showcases the rich biodiversity of South Africa.

Plan your wildlife encounters and excursions in Kenton-on-Sea:

Attraction Description
Sibuya Game Reserve Offers daily cruises up the Kariega River, game drives, and dining experiences on the riverbanks.
Addo Elephant National Park Home to a diverse range of wildlife, including elephants, lions, and other iconic species.

With these exciting wildlife encounters and invigorating excursions, Kenton-on-Sea truly is a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the wonders of South Africa’s wildlife.

Outdoor Activities and Leisure

Kenton-on-Sea offers a range of outdoor activities and leisure options for you to enjoy during your visit. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, there’s something for everyone in this beautiful coastal village.

Beachcomber Horse Trails

If you’re looking for an exhilarating experience, why not try the Kenton-on-Sea beachcomber horse trails? Explore the breathtaking coastline of the Sunshine Coast on horseback, as you ride along coves, dune fields, and rivers. Not only will you soak in the stunning views, but you may also have the chance to spot African wildlife along the way. It’s an adventure you won’t want to miss!

Port Alfred Golf Club

For golf enthusiasts, a visit to the Royal Port Alfred Golf Club is a must. Designed by Gary Player, this scenic 18-hole course offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and a delightful parkland challenge for golfers of all skill levels. Tee off and enjoy a day of golfing while surrounded by the natural beauty of Kenton-on-Sea.

Kenton-on-Sea beachcomber horse trails

Whether you prefer horseback riding or a round of golf, Kenton-on-Sea has plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Soak up the sun, enjoy the outdoors, and create unforgettable memories in this seaside paradise.


Kenton-on-Sea, located along the breathtaking Sunshine Coast of South Africa, is a coastal paradise that offers a perfect blend of stunning beaches, diverse outdoor activities, and natural beauty. With its blue flag beaches, hidden rock pools, and picturesque rivers, this charming village is a haven for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Whether you prefer to relax on the pristine sandy shores or embark on thrilling adventures, Kenton-on-Sea provides an array of experiences for every visitor. From exhilarating beachcomber horse trails along the coastline to scenic river cruises and unforgettable wildlife encounters at Sibuya Game Reserve, there is something for everyone.

So, whether you’re seeking a tranquil seaside retreat or an action-packed getaway, Kenton-on-Sea is the ideal destination. Immerse yourself in the beauty of its beaches, explore the hidden gems of its coastline, and embrace the wonders of South Africa’s natural landscapes. Plan your visit to Kenton-on-Sea today and discover why it is a must-visit destination for beach enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

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