Kenton on sea for families

Welcome to, your ultimate guide to the hidden gem of South Africa’s Eastern Cape, brought to life through the eyes and hearts of Adriaan, Estrella, and their vibrant daughter. Our story is one of adventure, love, and a shared passion for the unparalleled beauty that Kenton-on-Sea offers.

Our Journey

Adriaan, with a spirit of adventure that has led him to traverse the globe, found more than just breathtaking views and thrilling experiences in his travels; he found his soulmate, Estrella, during his time working in Mexico. Estrella, with her innate love for nature and the outdoors, was captivated by the beauty of South Africa on her very first visit. It was the unspoiled nature of the Eastern Cape, however, that truly stole her heart.

A Shared Dream

Together, we embarked on a journey to make Kenton-on-Sea our forever home. This coastal paradise, nestled between the Bushman’s River and the Kariega River, offered us a chance to live in harmony with nature and to raise our daughter in a place of serene beauty and community spirit. Our love for this town goes beyond just living here; it’s about becoming a part of its fabric, contributing to its charm and preserving its natural wonders.

Our Mission

At, we aim to share this slice of heaven with the world. Our website serves as a comprehensive guide to everything Kenton-on-Sea has to offer. From its pristine beaches and thrilling outdoor adventures to the cozy nooks that make this place a home, we cover it all. Our mission is to help visitors and locals alike discover the magic of Kenton-on-Sea, ensuring they experience the best of its natural beauty, community, and tranquility.

Blending Cultures

Our story wouldn’t be complete without a touch of Mexican flair. Inspired by our ties to Mexico, we’ve introduced the vibrant tastes of Mexican “mariscos” to Kenton-on-Sea. This fusion of flavors not only represents our family’s heritage but also adds to the rich tapestry of cultures that make our town unique.

Our Invitation

We invite you to explore Kenton-on-Sea through our eyes. Whether you’re planning a visit, seeking adventure, or looking to make this town your home, is your gateway to all the treasures this town has to offer. Join us in celebrating the beauty, the community, and the tranquil lifestyle of Kenton-on-Sea.

Welcome to our home. Welcome to Kenton-on-Sea.