Kenton-on-Sea Fly Fishing Spots – Perfect Casts!

Are you an avid angler in search of the perfect fly fishing location? Look no further than Kenton-on-Sea in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. This picturesque coastal town offers an abundance of fishing opportunities, making it a paradise for fly fishermen of all experience levels. But where exactly can you find the top fly fishing spots in Kenton-on-Sea?

From river fishing to surf fishing, this article will reveal the best locations for casting your line and reeling in some impressive catches in Kenton-on-Sea. Whether you’re a seasoned angler looking for a new challenge, or a beginner eager to learn the art of fly fishing, Kenton-on-Sea has something for everyone.

So, let’s dive into the world of fly fishing in Kenton-on-Sea and discover the hidden gems that await you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kenton-on-Sea in South Africa’s Eastern Cape is a prime location for fly fishing.
  • There are various fly fishing spots in Kenton-on-Sea, including rock and surf fishing locations, as well as opportunities for river fishing.
  • Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, Kenton-on-Sea offers something for everyone.
  • Respect bag limits, sizes, and practice catch and release to ensure the sustainability of the fishing area.
  • Plan your fly fishing adventure in Kenton-on-Sea for a truly memorable experience.

Rock and Surf Fishing Locations in Kenton-on-Sea

If you’re willing to explore a bit, Kenton-on-Sea offers three highly recommended rock and surf fishing hotspots. These locations provide ample opportunities for anglers to test their skills and reel in some impressive catches.

Piano Rock

Located approximately 1.5km to the left of the river, Piano Rock is named for its distinctive shape resembling a piano. This hotspot is known for its diverse range of fish species, including Cracker, Kob, Shad, and various reef fish. Whether you prefer casting from the shore or standing on the rocks, Piano Rock is a popular destination for rock and surf fishing enthusiasts.

Ship Rock

About 1km further from Piano Rock, you’ll discover Ship Rock. This spot is particularly promising during low tide, making it an excellent option for targeting reef fish such as Zebra, Blacktail, and Bronze Bream. The rugged surroundings and favorable fishing conditions make Ship Rock a magnet for passionate anglers.

The Rock in the Middle of the Beach

Located around 3km to the right, this rock standing in the middle of the beach offers another fantastic rock and surf fishing opportunity in Kenton-on-Sea. Anglers can expect to encounter a variety of prized species, including Steenbras, Kob, Bronze Bream, and Grunter. Position yourself strategically, cast your line, and patiently wait for the thrill of a memorable catch.

Exploring these rock and surf fishing hotspots in Kenton-on-Sea guarantees an exhilarating angling experience. The breathtaking natural beauty combined with the potential for landing impressive catches will leave you with lasting memories of your fishing adventure.

Surf Fishing in Kenton-on-Sea

If you’re looking for some exciting surf fishing action in Kenton-on-Sea, you’re in luck! While it’s true that the local fishing scene has faced some challenges due to overfishing, there are still plenty of spots along the coastline that offer great opportunities to reel in some impressive catches.

One spot worth trying is the Bushmans River mouth. Here, you can cast out your line with some general baits and target scratching-type fish. It’s a popular spot that has produced some great catches over the years. If you’re up for a little adventure, try climbing a dune to the right of the mouth, where you’ll discover a hole teeming with Steenbras and Kob, two prized catches in these waters.

The left side of the Bushmans mouth also has some rocky areas that are worth exploring. Anglers have had success here catching species like Small Rockcod, Stonebream, and Karanteen. So, make sure to cast your line near these rocks and reefs for a chance at some exciting catches.

surf fishing Kenton-on-Sea

Remember, surf fishing can be hit or miss, so it’s important to choose the right time and conditions for your fishing adventure. Monitoring tide charts and weather forecasts can greatly increase your chances of success. Additionally, consider booking a fishing charter in Kenton-on-Sea for expert guidance and access to prime fishing spots along the coast.

So pack your fishing gear, grab your surf rod, and head to Kenton-on-Sea for an unforgettable surf fishing experience. With a little patience and a bit of luck, you’ll have the opportunity to catch some prized fish while enjoying the stunning coastal beauty of this South African gem.

River Fishing in Kenton-on-Sea

The rivers in Kenton-on-Sea offer great fishing opportunities, especially if you have access to a boat. The Bushmans River and the Kariega River are both fantastic options for river fishing excursions.

Bushmans River

The Bushmans River is a good option for fly fishing trips in the Eastern Cape. However, due to weed growth, you may need to go far upriver to find the best fishing spots. Once you find the right location, you can expect to catch a variety of fish species, including the prized Kob.

For a successful fishing expedition in the Bushmans River, try targeting deeper holes of 4.8 – 6 meters. Dropshot rigs, twisty spoons, bucktail jigs, and Halco Sorcerers are all effective bait options. Additionally, hiring professional fly fishing guides in Kenton-on-Sea can greatly enhance your chances of a successful trip.

Kariega River

The Kariega River is another popular river fishing destination in Kenton-on-Sea. This river boasts some excellent spots and holes for trolling and dropping live bait. To increase your chances of success, look for deeper holes in the river, ranging from 4.8 to 6 meters. These deeper areas tend to attract larger fish, including the coveted Kob.

When fishing from the riverbank, you can target areas near jetties and bridges on both the Bushmans River and the Kariega River. Here, you may catch species like Garrick, Bartail Flathead, and Kob. Local fly fishing guides can provide valuable insights and recommendations on the best spots and techniques to use.

fly fishing lodges South Africa

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1. Angler’s Edge Fly Fishing Guides 1. Bushmans River Fishing Adventures 1. Kenton-on-Sea Fishing Lodge
2. Kenton-on-Sea Fly Fishing 2. Kariega River Angling Safaris 2. River’s Edge Fly Fishing Lodge
3. Eastern Cape Fly Fishing 3. Coastal Fly Fishing Charters 3. Kariega River Lodge

Booking a guided fly fishing trip with experienced guides will ensure you make the most of your time on the rivers of Kenton-on-Sea. These knowledgeable guides have a deep understanding of the local fish species, habitats, and best fishing techniques. They can also provide valuable insights into local fly fishing lodges in South Africa, ensuring you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.


With its breathtaking coastal scenery and diverse fishing opportunities, Kenton-on-Sea is a paradise for fly fishing enthusiasts. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just starting out, you’ll find a variety of fishing spots to explore and enjoy in this scenic region of the Eastern Cape. From rock and surf fishing to surf fishing and river fishing, Kenton-on-Sea offers something for every angler.

When planning your fly fishing adventure, consider taking a guided tour to fully experience the best fishing spots the Eastern Cape has to offer. Fly fishing tours in the area provide expert guidance, ensuring you make the most of your time on the water. From the excitement of reeling in a prized catch to the tranquility of the surrounding natural beauty, a fly fishing tour in Kenton-on-Sea will truly be an unforgettable experience.

As you embark on your fishing journey, remember to always respect bag limits, sizes, and practice catch and release to contribute to the sustainability of Kenton-on-Sea’s fishing spots. By preserving this pristine environment, you’ll help ensure that future generations can also experience the joys of fly fishing in this remarkable part of South Africa. So pack your rods, head to Kenton-on-Sea, and get ready for an amazing fly fishing adventure!

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